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Baltimore’s 2011 Rushing Gameplan: Run Ray Rice

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Great idea. Who doesn’t smile when they hear that the Baltimore Ravens are going to let Ray Rice play as much as he wants. This news comes straight from offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who intends to let Ray Rice stay in the game until he’s tired.

“When that happens, he’s supposed to let Cameron know and Williams will enter the game,” said coach John Harbaugh, referring to back-up RB Ricky Williams who will spell Ray Rice when he is too tired to run anymore.

Willis McGahee served the role of a Touchdown vulture of sorts the previous two seasons alongside Rice, a trend that looks to be breaking this year. Expect upwards of 15-20 TDs for Ray Ray in 2011.

Ravens trade 4th Round Pick for Bills WR Lee Evans

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The Baltimore Ravens have traded their 4th Round Pick in next year’s draft to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for veteran deep threat WR Lee Evans. This move will likely free up top wideout Anquan Boldin, who has been double-covered a lot as Baltimore’s lead receiver.

“We’re excited about getting Lee Evans,” said Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. “He’s a proven player in this league, and a quality person who will fit in well on our team.”

In the Raven’s latest preseason game, Evans shined with 3 catches for a total of 60 yards including a long 35-yard Touchdown from QB Joe Flacco.

Ravens sign RB Ricky Williams to back up Ray Rice

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With the departure of backup running back Willis McGahee to Denver recently, the Baltimore Ravens signed Ricky Williams to a 2-year deal. Ricky Williams will be the #2 RB on the Ravens depth chart for 2011 barring any setbacks.

Ricky Williams provides some real upside to spell Ray Rice whenever he is tired and needs to rest a play or two. We’d like to keep Ray Rice fresh rather than run him into the ground, so Run Ricky Run!

Joe Flacco also figures to improve with the addition of Ricky Williams, specifically because Williams is a more experienced pass-blocker who can run very well still and has good hands out of the backfield on 3rd down situations.

Derrick Mason chooses Jets over the Baltimore Ravens

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With multiple offers on the table, the front runners for Derrick Mason’s return this year as a WR were the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. Apparently, it was Mason’s time to go. He chose the Jets.

While this news may come as a shocker to those who remember how incredible reliable Mason has been as a wideout for Baltimore, understand a few things. Anquan Boldin is our new #1 wide receiver.

Also, the Baltimore Ravens drafted into a speedster rookie WR named Torrey Smith early in this year’s NFL draft. Figure into the mix the Ravens are a run heavy team already, and there’s little room for the aging Mason to thrive.

Derrick Mason, you will be missed and remembered. Thank you for your time and commitment to Baltimore Ravens football club for so many years. We wish you the very best.

Willis McGahee departs from Baltimore, joins Broncos

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The Baltimore Ravens are all in on Ray Rice of Rutgers. So much so that it is time to give Rice a little more love in the Red Zone. Backup running back and TD vulture Willis McGahee will move on to back up Knowshon Moreno with the Denver Broncos in 2011.

This news is no surprise after McGahee publicly requested more carries for the upcoming season, a request that the Baltimore Ravens just could not promise him. Ray Rice has rushed for over 1,200 yards for two years in a row in his 2nd and 3rd year in the National Football League.

More than likely, Willis will resume his role as a goal line specialist for the Broncos, punching in Touchdowns for Denver when they get close. Ray Rice figures to expand his role in the offense and should have more carries in 2011 as a result.